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What is an adjustment?

          The adjustment is a force applied into any joint in your body, mainly related to your spine intended to relieve tension in the joint, improve mobility and range of motion.

Why do I need an adjustment?

Over time, these joints can become dysfunctional which simply means the joint can’t move like it normally can. This is why we use adjustments to help correct this issue. This helps decrease pain and inflammation, and ultimately allows the nervous system and body to function optimally. The most commonly adjusted area in the body is the spine because the vertebrae are an important part of the musculoskeletal system. Vertebrae are bones in the body that are designed to protect the very sensitive and fragile parts of the nervous system: the brain and spinal cord. The nervous system is in charge of keeping your body alive and functioning by communicating with the cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Similar to how a computer has a motherboard that acts as the central communication and connectivity point, through which all components of the computer connect to.

Where do I need an adjustment?

We find out what areas need to be adjusted by using: palpation (feeling if the joint is swollen), motion palpation (which direction is the joint not moving), instrumentation (tools to see if there is heat differences between the left and right side), and xrays (this will help give us a roadmap on how to correct the spine)

Other parts of the body that can be adjusted as well are:

      • ribs
      • shoulders
      • elbows
      • Wrist
      • hands + fingers
      • Knees
      • hips
      • ankles
      • feet + toes
      • sinuses
      • jaw/TMJ