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Unfortunately if you are here on this page, you most likely have been involved in a recent car crash. You might be feeling a ton of pain right throughout your body or you could feel like nothing happened. Our goal is to make sure we look at all the potential areas that could be injured and make sure we find out how bad the damage is.

After a car crash, you typically will get a surge of adrenaline through the body even if the crash was small and you don’t see any damage to the car. This adrenaline will mask and hide your pain for a very long time. We will work with you to help draw out the timeline to really find out if the car crash was the reason you are feeling pain. We will use our examination to find out the extent of injury. It’s important for us to use MRI (if necessary) to be able to see if there is any damage to: muscles, tendon, ligaments, spinal discs (bulges, herniations, extrusions, fissures), broken bones, internal bleeding.

Depending on what we find during our examination, this will help decide the proper treatment for your case. We will use a variation of chiropractic adjustments, IASTM, Cupping, Corrective Exercise to help get you out of pain. It’s important to come in early to help assist your body through the healing process. When you have been through significant trauma like a car crash, we can help you through the pain so that you can heal quicker and understand your injuries.