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Back Pain - Symptoms and causes

Back pain in Belmont can be a debilitating injury. There are many causes of back pain and by knowing a little about them you can identify what may be causing your back pain.

At Infinity Spine Center we treat all types of back pain.  Here are the six of the most common causes of back pain and how we can help solve the pain.

Disc Bulges

Between each vertebra of your spine, you have disks. The function of the disks is to prevent damage to the spinal bone and surrounding tissue. If the disk is damaged, then the fluid that it contains causes swelling.

If left untreated the bulging disk will get worse. To start with you may not notice any symptoms but over time you could suffer the following:

– Tingling or pain in the hands, arms, neck, or shoulders.
– Reduced mobility
– Pain in the feet, legs, lower spine, and buttocks
– Muscles spasms
– Bladder incontinence
– Pain in the stomach or chest


A herniated disk is also referred to as a slipped disk. This occurs when the disk pushes out.

Depending on where the disk is located it can cause pressure to your nerves, this may result in the following symptoms:

– Pain in the arms or legs
– Numbness
– Tingling
– Loss of strength

To protect yourself against a herniated disk you can do the following:

– Regular exercise
– Maintain correct posture especially when lifting
– Manage a healthy weight
– Don’t smoke


If your spine is misaligned this is referred to as a subluxation.

Symptoms vary but include: 

– Neck or back pain
– Headaches
– Reduced mobility

Visiting a chiropractor can help if you have suffered a subluxation as they can realign the spine through a plan of spinal adjustments.

Muscular Pain

If you suffer muscle pain this may be due to what is commonly referred to as a pulled muscle.

Usually, you will experience pain that can sometimes be quite severe.

To treat this kind of injury you may try some of the following:

– Ice and/or heat packs
– Pain medication
– Muscle relaxants
– Anti-inflammatories
– Massage
– Walking
– Limiting strenuous activity such as heavy lifting

Tendon Sprain

A tendon is a connective tissue that joins your muscles to your bones.

You can easily suffer a tendon sprain if you make a sudden, sharp movement or by overexerting yourself.

Other factors that increase your risk of injury are being overweight, poor posture, and lack of exercise. If you participate in certain sports such as weightlifting, you can also increase your risk of a tendon sprain.

If you suffer a tendon sprain the symptoms can include:

– Minor or acute pain
– Muscle spasms
– Reduced mobility

Ligament Sprain

Ligaments provide a vital function throughout your body. They connect from bone to bone, support your joints, and aid movement.

Most ligament strains occur due to an accident such as a fall. Poor posture can also be a contributory factor to ligament damage especially if you work in an office environment. Good posture is essential to your long-term back health.

Whatever the cause, once the ligament is overworked it can suffer a strain. A ligament strain can cause pain plus a reduction of mobility and can take up to a year to heal.

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