Disc Injury

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Are you Impacted With a Disc Injury?

A disc injury in Belmont can cause a significant amount of pain and disruption to your lifestyle.

In this article, you can learn about the causes and symptoms of a disc injury. You can also learn how chiropractic treatment for a disc injury can be beneficial.

What is a Disc?

Between the vertebrae of your spine, there are discs. These discs provide an essential service to your spine as they cushion each vertebrae, hold the vertebrae together, and help with mobility.

Damage to the discs can cause a range of issues including pain and reduced mobility.

Causes Of A Disc Injury in Belmont

A disc injury can be the result of an accident, lifestyle, or wear and tear. Common causes are:

– If you lift a heavy item incorrectly or you regularly lift items, then this can cause a disc injury.
– Being overweight or having a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a disc injury. Weight increases your risk as the body must support the additional weight. Also, leading a sedentary lifestyle can mean an increased risk of disc injury as your muscles weaken and can’t provide the support needed.
– As you get older your body naturally deteriorates. This means an increased risk of a disc injury.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Disc Injury

A disc injury in Belmont can be painful and potentially life-changing. If you experience any of the following symptoms, then you may have a disc injury. Symptoms include:

– pain in the back or neck
– numbness or tingling in the back, arms, or legs
– unable to bend or straighten your back
– if the disc presses on the sciatic nerve you may suffer pain in the buttocks, legs, or hips

All these symptoms are possible with the severity varying from person to person.

4 Tips To Prevent A Disc Injury

There are changes you can make that can help you reduce the risk of a back injury. These include:

1. If your job requires regular heavy lifting, then learn the correct way to safely lift every time. Bend and lift from the knees. If an item requires 2 persons, make sure there is another person helping you.

2. Try to maintain a healthy weight. Sticking to a healthy weight can help you prevent many potential health risks including a back injury.

3. It is always important to exercise for your physical health and your mental health. Doing so helps strengthen your muscles which reduces your risk of injury.

4. If you normally live a sedentary lifestyle, for example, you work in an office environment, it is important to move regularly. Try to make sure you get up from your chair, walk a little, and do some stretches.

How Can A Chiropractor Help With A disc Injury?

A chiropractor can provide help and support in addition to visiting your doctor.

Once you have been assessed, a treatment plan can be discussed.

Treatment may involve the chiropractor performing a spinal adjustment. This procedure helps realign the spine and may result in the reduction of pain, increased mobility, and helping the body heal faster.

As part of the treatment, you can discuss any other needs with the chiropractor. This could include plans for diet, exercises, and tips relating to maintaining a better posture. All this information can benefit you as you lead a healthier life style with a lower risk of future injury.

Receiving chiropractic care for a disc injury can be a great way to help relieve pain, speed the healing process, and manage the future risk of injury.  Contact Infinity Spine today for your free consultation.