This is a common question I get asked and it’s understandable. To better answer this question, we have to understand what’s bringing you into the office in the first place. At our office we always will start by asking some questions about your issues. These questions will help us shed some light about why you are having an issue. Because we’ve seen many patients in your shoes, we can help you find the answer faster. After all the exam, we have a better idea of the cause of the issue.

Most of the time, the cause of the issues in our office have been there for years. Our bodies are really good at hiding our pain, and understandably so. Imagine living in a world where every single little issue you had, the body sent pain signals, we probably couldn’t even do anything. This is a real testament to how busy we’ve gotten and unless the pain is REAL BAD, most people tend to ignore it. Until it gets real bad. And this is the primary motivation to bring someone to seek help, because the pain is somehow changing.

It’s getting stronger, it’s becoming more frequent, the sensation is different, it’s traveling down the legs, it’s moving. Something changed enough to make you think, this is getting bad. Or, you finally bent down to pick up a piece of paper and your back hurt so bad, you couldn’t get up. Something you’ve done a million times but today was the day it started to hurt. 

As you can see, when we track these things, it wasn’t just one thing that happened to make you have pain. It was a lot of small things that added up. This is where it might take a while before we can turn your health around. We don’t have a magic bullet but we will help you find a way to stay on top of your issues. Over time, you will notice that your body becomes stronger, you can move better and the issues go away. This is the result of ongoing treatment and most people feel the difference in their body and decide to stay on a maintenance plan. While our goal is to check every spine to keep each individual segment moving, you do not need to come forever! Many of our patients find the benefit in maintaining their health and we enjoy it when they come back!