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What makes us unique from other chiropractors?

The Gonstead Method is a specialized chiropractic technique and analysis that values conservative care.

Our focus is on Conservative Care, we want to get you well as fast as possible:

The Gonstead Method focuses on the areas of the body that are compromised, whilst taking precautions to prevent over adjusting the body, especially in areas that may not necessarily need it. Gonstead values conservative and minimal adjustments to allow the body ample time to heal and progress towards functioning optimally.

In some cases, patients may find that initially they receive multiple areas of adjustments, and then it tapers off to one or two areas as time progresses. The human body only has a limited energy supply of how much it can heal at any given moment so we want your body to focus on those few areas that are causing the problem.

How do we know where we should be doing adjustments?

The foundation of the Gonstead Method is based on analysis. We do everything we can to eliminate the guesswork and ONLY relying on our hands. By utilizing various elements of analysis, we are able to understand an individual’s body better and focus on what they need to improve. Each visit starts with analysis to ensure we find the exact area that needs to be adjusted.

These elements include:

Patient’s History: An in depth review of a patient’s health history to develop an understanding of their values and health care goals

visualization: observing the body’s biomechanics, posture, and other superficial indicators

range of motion:  How well the body moves is a good indicator for the health of the body and helps to determine what areas to focus on.

palpation: Chiropractors spend years learning how to accurately palpate the human body feeling for: muscular tension, skeletal abnormalities, areas of pain and inflammation

thermography: Inflammation and heat indicate areas of the body that are affected by stress/tension

-neurological testing: chiropractic works closely with the nervous system, diagnosing common neurologic conditions such as: sciatica, radiculopathy, nerve compression, and muscular weakness.

orthopedic testing: These tests allow doctors to differentiate between conditions of the body and determine the cause of the problems.

-X- Ray:  One of the most valuable assets in chiropractic adjusting is the ability to view structures of the body’s internal musculoskeletal system  Dr. Gonstead developed an analysis protocol specifically for his adjusting technique to optimize specificity in adjusting and help accelerate patient care.

We are continuing to put in countless hours perfecting the adjustment and understand each person is unique!

Dr. Gonstead was a renowned doctor who used his understanding of human biomechanics to develop his own technique of analysis and adjusting. His technique was developed out of necessity to help treat his patients’ health conditions. He was such a famous doctor that at the height of his career, he even had his own small airport and hotel to accommodate his patients! As a result we have adopted values of patient comfort, and emphasis on keeping the spine in a neutral and stable position are what make the Gonstead technique unique to chiropractic. We take pride in being able to create the most comfortable adjustment possible.