Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches and Migraines - How a Chiropractor can help

A headache or migraine can strike at any time. If you suffer from them on a regular basis then you know how debilitating they can be.

Many people turn to painkillers to treat headache and migraine pain. If you regularly suffer from headaches or migraines, then it is a good idea to look at causes and other solutions to prevent them from occurring.

In this article, you can learn more about the causes of headaches and migraines in Belmont. You can also learn how chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines can help you.

Causes of Headaches and Migraines in Belmont

There are many types of headaches. Some can be so severe that they last for days or even weeks.

Possible causes of headaches and migraines:

– Stress, anxiety, tension, shock, or depression
– Lack of sleep, tiredness, odd work patterns, bad posture, low blood sugar
– poor diet, dehydration, alcohol or caffeine use
– bright lights, flickering screens, loud noises, being too hot or cold

This list isn’t exhaustive, there are many other possible causes of headaches or migraines.  Best to check in with us at Infinity Spine Center to get to the bottom of your problem.

4 Tips to Avoid Headaches or Migraines

Regular headaches or migraines in Belmont can seriously impact your quality of life. Having to rely on painkillers isn’t ideal either. There are some things you can do to try and prevent the onset of a headache or migraine.

Here are 4 tips that can help you manage headaches or migraines:

1. Start a record of every time you suffer a migraine. Record when and where it happened, what you had done that day, and any medication you have taken. This data can be invaluable as you build a picture of your condition. In time, you may see a pattern develop. For example, it might always be when you have worked a long shift at work that you get ill. If you do identify any patterns, then you can make changes to hopefully reduce the occurrences of headaches or migraines.

2. A possible cause of migraines is an irregular schedule. If you can, try to always eat meals at the same time, have a consistent sleep schedule, and exercise at the same time. It is not always possible but by doing this you can reduce the possibility of suffering a migraine.

3. Maintaining a good diet is great for your health including reducing the chance of headaches. Try to consume less caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods.

4. Stress can be a leading cause of headaches and migraines. If you are suffering from stress, then get help so you can learn to manage it. If you can manage your stress, then this will benefit you.

These tips are adjustments that anyone can make to their lifestyle. However, you may still suffer headaches or migraines so what else could you do?

You can visit a doctor to discuss concerns and they may recommend various medicines or further tests if worried there is a more serious condition.

Another option that can help is visiting a chiropractor. In the next section, you can learn more about how a chiropractor can help you with headaches or migraines.

How A Chiropractor Can Help With Headache And Migraine Pain

Initially, the chiropractor will do a thorough assessment of your symptoms and history. If you made a headache diary this will be a big help. The reason this is necessary is to determine the headache type you are suffering from. There are some types of headache that chiropractic treatment can’t help. In those cases, you will be referred to a doctor for further advice.

If you can be treated, the treatment given will vary but will generally include a spinal adjustment to help realign the body. The chiropractor can also provide a plan including advice on exercise, posture, and diet.

In many cases following the advice of the chiropractor and regular treatment can reduce the frequency of headaches and migraines.

infinity spine center Can Help With Headache And Migraine Pain

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, then don’t put off seeking help or relying solely on painkillers.

Infinity Spine Center has helped reduce debilitating migraines for many Belmont customers. Chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines can be a great way to get help in the short term and to build a plan for a long-term healthier life.