Shoulder Pain

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Causes Of Shoulder Pain And How A Chiropractor Can Help

Shoulder pain can strike at any moment. The pain could be due to injury, wear and tear, or the sign of a more serious condition.

If you experience shoulder pain in Belmont that doesn’t stop after a couple of weeks, then it is best to get this investigated.

The professionals at the Infinity Spine Center can help you understand the causes of shoulder pain, symptoms to look out for, and how a chiropractor can help.

Shoulder Pain Causes

The causes of shoulder pain vary, they include:

– Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
– Arthritis
– A torn cartilage or rotator cuff
– Swollen tendons
– Bone spurs
– Pinched nerve
– Broken shoulder
– Frozen shoulder
– Dislocated shoulder
Repetitive strain injury
– Spinal injury
– Heart attack

As you can see the shoulder is susceptible to pain from a variety of possible issues.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain in Belmont?

In many cases, the pain will stop after a couple of weeks. If the pain persists for longer you should seek medical advice. Apart from the pain, you may experience other symptoms including:

– Stiffness
– When using the affected shoulder, the pain worsens
– Tingling, numbness, or weakness
– Sudden pain that makes it harder to use the arm
– Pain where the shoulder meets the collarbone

If you have any of these symptoms in addition to the pain, then visit a doctor so they can correctly diagnose you.

4 Tips To Prevent Shoulder Pain

It is not possible to eliminate the risk of shoulder pain, but there are some simple lifestyle changes you can follow to reduce the risk. They are:

1. If you feel pain, especially if it is severe, don’t ignore it. Pain is the signal from your body that something is wrong. Listen to your body and take steps such as resting until better. Visit a doctor if the pain gets worse or you have other symptoms.

2. If you keep fit and have a healthy diet this can lower your risk of injury.

3. If you exercise, make sure you warm up properly first. Also, when lifting anything make sure you lift correctly and get help if needed.

4. Correct posture is a must, more so if you work in an office environment. Learn how to sit correctly at your desk and take regular breaks if possible.

Chiropractic Treatment For Shoulder Pain

A doctor will be most people’s first call when suffering. In addition to visiting your doctor, a chiropractor can also help you with shoulder pain.

The first steps will involve assessing you and establishing what is causing the pain. This could involve a physical exam, a discussion about your medical history, and x-rays.

Once the cause of the pain has been established, then a treatment plan can be arranged. Treatment may involve some or all the following:

– Ice pack
– Spinal manipulation
– A regime of exercises
– Massage
– A discussion about your lifestyle including diet and exercise

The goal of visiting the chiropractor is to get relief from the shoulder pain, aid the healing process, and build a plan to live a healthier lifestyle.

All the treatment options are with this goal in mind.

You may also need to take painkillers, particularly if the pain is severe. Ideally, you won’t become reliant on painkillers once the treatment starts working.

In many cases, shoulder pain clears up quickly with no more help needed than a few painkillers and some rest.

More serious cases need help and visiting a chiropractor can be great for pain relief and learning how to better look after yourself to reduce the risk of injury in the future. Contact the Infinity Spine Center to learn more.