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The quality of sleep is very easily one of the most important factors to maintaining good health. If you have ever suffered from a poor night’s sleep, you quickly realize that it affects the rest of the day, from your mood and concentration to how you physically perform. It can even lower the immune system leading to catching colds and flus easier!

What are common causes of poor sleep:

Although there are many different reasons for losing sleep, overall; sleep disturbances are due to the body’s inability to adapt to stressors. Pain and physical discomfort is one of the most common causes for loss of sleep and poor quality of sleep.

  • anxiety
  • occupational stress
  • acute or chronic pain (low back, neck, knee, shoulder, hip pain etc.)
  • hormonal imbalances
  • restless leg syndrome
  • Vitamin Deficiency such as Vitamin D, B
  • poor diet and nutrition
  • Headaches
  • excessive alcohol or caffeine throughout the day
  • disruptive sleep patterns
  • environmental factors such as sounds, light

How can poor sleep affect my body?

  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • mood changes: easily irritated, angered, or stressed
  • fatigue
  • feeling restless
  • acute or chronic pain
  • muscle stiffness
  • physical and mental exhaustion
  • difficulty concentrating/short attention span
  • poor memory
  • low motivation and energy
  • headaches
  • easily catching colds- impaired immune system
  • impaired digestion
  • decreased metabolism
  • weight fluctuations


Pain and physical discomfort is a major influence on sleep quality. We utilize Chiropractic adjustment as well as other holistic and convervative health care procedures to help: decrease pain, increase flexibility, and improve the overall function of the body

Our procedures include:

      • Detailed medical history
      • Lifestyle assessment
      • Posture Assessment
      • Physical Palpation
      • Functional Movement Analysis
      • Neurological tests
      • Orthopedic tests
      • Nutritional guidance and Supplements
      • Digital X Rays (if necessary)
      • Digital MRIs (if necessary)

Our goal is to help people enjoy and live their lives. Together we can determine  what is causing you poor sleep quality and customize a care plan around those factors.

Some of the many tools we can utilize include:

      • Adjustments
      • Vitamins and Supplements
      • IASTM- (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
      • Myofascial release
      • Stress management and relaxation training
      • Corrective exercises and stretches
      • Laser therapy
      • Lifestyle Recommendations