Belmont Chiropractic Testimonials

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“I have been seeing Dr. Michael for my chronic neck pain from years of working at the computer. My neck used to be so stiff and painful that I would have a hard time falling asleep. Dr. Michael is attentive and caring, he really wants to help you get better! His adjustments feel amazing and he also gave me some great exercises/stretches to help with the neck pain.”

– Kevin T., San Mateo, CA

“My colleague recommended I go see Dr. Michael for my low back pain after listening to me complain for months. Even after I tried stretching, yoga, and massages, I still had this nagging achy back pain. Dr. Michael did an in-depth analysis of my body and it turns out the problem was from my hips. After a few visits I could already feel that my low back pain was tremendously better, even my colleague pointed out that I had stopped complaining.”

– Noah T., Redwood City, CA

“Dr. Luu is a lifesaver! As a mother of two young children, I am constantly moving around, picking up my daughters as well as all the toys they leave on the floor. I have been having low back pain for a few years. One day I felt a sharp pain in my back after getting up from loading the laundry. My husband took me to see Dr. Luu since I couldn’t get out of bed due to how stiff and painful everything was. Dr. Luu used different procedures to help ease the pain and relax my back before performing an adjustment. After seeing him for a month my back pain is gone! It’s been over a year of regular check ups with him and I’ve yet to feel any of that pain come back!”

– Christina H., San Mateo, CA

“As my first experience with a chiropractor Dr. Michael did a great job at listening and explaining/answering all of my questions! After the first visit, he explained in depth about my customized care plan and what to expect for the next few weeks. I have neck and shoulder pain from school as well as working out. I was able to see an improvement in less than two weeks.”

– Tracy L., Belmont, CA

“My knee pain has been bothering me for over 5 years. It gets worse with walking for long periods of time and depending on the weather. I have been seeing Dr. Michael Luu for 4 months and my knee pain and stiffness has gotten a lot better. I am able to walk a few miles now before it starts to bother me. He also recommended some exercises to strengthen my knee and to use a knee brace if I do extraneous activities. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Luu if you have and body issues!”

– John N., Union City, CA